Reefberry Foodex pretends to become the best Global Food Solutions Company intending to provide Healthy Luxury Food to all .

At Foodex, our passion drives us to the creation of best relation price/ quality to final consumer.

Besides that, our dedication to the Product/ Market Research and Development allows us to surpass competition and keeps our entire team ahead of the innovation curve.

We have clients all over the world and they are growing. After analysing the growth pattern, we intend to enlarge the number of our branch offices, step by step.

This will help us in understanding our consumers better, a must for better customer satisfaction.

In order to facilitate the business relations, we follow our philosophy: to nurture relationships and growing together .

At Foodex, we believe in following Total Process Control at each & every step in order to stand out by our quality.

Foodex follows the highest standards of commercial relations. Integrity, Ethic, Honesty and Sincerity are the pillars of our way of working.

It’s important to notice that at Foodex, we have social and ambient concerns. We contribute to create jobs both directly and indirectly.

We also focus on the best use of natural resources and caring the environment always remain our top priority and pre – condition to business development.

Our Vision, Mission and Goal reflect our intention: We are committed to supply “ Healthy Luxury Food to All ”.

The graphic below presented proves that all Partners viz. Internal Customers (Employees), Suppliers, Clients and Consumers of Foodex, have been growing together.


  • 1990


    Foodex Group, an Umbrella with an aim to provide Luxury Food to all classes of Society, Worldwide.

  • 1990 to 2000

    Professional Grooming

    Required Professional Experience was attained by founders at top corporates.

  • 2001


    Fishmart – An International Seafood Marketing Company.

  • 2006


    Royal Touch- A Creative Service provider for making lives better.

  • 2014


    Reefberry Foodex Pvt. Ltd.- A Global Player of Healthy Food for all.