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Beyond luxury
Beyond luxury
Beyond luxury
Beyond luxury
Beyond luxury
Beyond luxury

Live Life, Kingfisher Style

With King Prawns & Much More.

Beyond Organic

100% Wild Caught

Indian Ocean SEAFOOD

From the house of

Pvt. Ltd.





To contribute best in providing Healthy Luxury Food at affordable price to entire community globally, a must for healthy society.


Rarely, Passion drives Intention & the Mission and here luck is with us.``At Reefberry, we strive to innovate superior food products & services by devoting our talent in order to improve Health of Society at large, Worldwide.``

We offer wide range of Quality Fin fish & Shell fish in quantity in all possible forms, you may desire.


It is 100% Organic, Wild Caught from the Pure waters of Vast Arabian Sea [FAO Area 51] & processed immediately without losing time.

  • Anand Shukla

    Diretor e Fundador

    Shefaly Anand


    Subhash Srivastav

    Administrador de Desenvolvimento Negocial

    Prakash Vanik

    Administrador do Processo Controlo

  • Chetan Fofandi

    Executivo do Ramo de Transportes

    Yunus Sarkar

    Executivo do Processo de Controlo

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