IN Fish

By Alice Smellie for The Mail on Sunday If you include one portion of seafood in your weekly diet, you may halve the chances of suffering a heart attack. Prawns, crabs, squid and octopus are just as packed with vitamins, minerals and fish oils as fish like salmon or cod. They all contain Omega-3 – a key fatty acid known to help with heart health. Although seafood contains cholesterol, it’s actually foods high in saturated fats – the type found in cheese, red meat and fast food – that increase levels of bad cholesterol in the body. So seafood is unlikely to have a major impact on your blood cholesterol levels. The NHS advises against eating raw shellfish and raw seafood during pregnancy. Try to eat fresh seafood, as frozen products may contain more sodium – and we already consume twice as much as the recommended 6g a day. Here, Alice Smellie and nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch of the website explain what is in our favourite seafood.